Thursday, April 05, 2007

Things that piss me off

Mostly I am pissed off because I am too exhausted and busy lately to be very pissed off about much. When I selected the topic, I had numerous rants in mind. I wanted the following to be long and involved:

1) When you send a book "book rate"--now called media mail from the post office-- if you have a single piece of paper in there...say, a note saying "here's a book! love, me," you have to have to pay the cost of a first class stamp on top of paying to send the book. How often does anyone send a completely naked book?

2) The judicial system for grad appeals at FSU is completely skewed.

3) There is one parking spot at FSU for evey eight students. The department that issues parking tickets is a zero sum department, paid for with the money from tickets (and the late fees that accrue). If they ever created a functional system they woudl have to fire people.

4) There are late fees for everything. No one sends a bill anymore.

That's all I can muster.

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