Sunday, May 13, 2007


So the "All-Skate" subject for the week, courtesy of Ms. Susie Lee, is P.E. Here's the odd thing. I have no strong memories about P.E.. I'm not so good with much that is ball related, which I have performance anxiety about now--recent Volleyball games with my neighbors have brought this to light-- but I can't trace this back to any formative traumatic events. Here are afew things I can remember;

In fifth grade,we had a game called "Nukem" that was a variant of volleyball I think. We had the net, but were allowed ot catch the ball. it must not have made a huge impression, as I have no impulse to catch the ball when I play volleyball now. Truthfully, all my instincts lean toward total ball avoidance.

At some point, probably highschool, I think we went to the bowling alley for gym. i did not become a good boweler.

In college, my friend Amy and I signed up for an elective P.E. class called "Billiards,' in hopes of becoming pool sharks. Our instructor was a grad student specializing in track and field. I did not become a pool shark,

although I did often quiz Amy for her French exams during this hour, and I believe she did do well in French.

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  1. just remember... if you can dodge a wrench, you can dodge a ball.