Sunday, November 04, 2007

Ashes to Ashes, Pulp to Pulp

Hi Barrington

Hope all is well!

We still have 2455 copies of Paul Eats in stock here & need to tidy the stock up now.

We are still selling a few copies so can keep 100 or so to sell through.

With the other 2350 copies we can either:

Send to any address you care to nominate (cost about $100 anywhere in Australia)
Pulp (I would need to confirm exact cost but approx $50 total)
Put into storage at $4 per pallet per week

No great rush but I would like to get the stock moved by Xmas if possible.

Best regards,

Andrew ----
Publishing & Marketing Manager

In October of 2005 we printed 5000 copies because of the price break at that number--and sold about half. Not too shabby. Not literature, I know, but I think I will always be proud of my first foray into the world of authorship and publishing. R.I.P. Paul Eats:Perth.

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