Friday, February 22, 2008

My Life for Sale

All My Life for Sale is a book by John Freyer, who in 2000, on the road back to Iowa after a summer job in New York realized that he was basically returning because of his possessions. He says, "the objects I owned were making decisions for me." Subsequently, he put everything on E-bay and his own website (, sold much of it, and also traced the trajectory of his items, even going so far as to visit his salt and pepper shakers in their new home. He wrote the book, which has been optioned for a film. I won't be visiting my items, I guess that's been done; but I will be selling them. And it is a little like selling my life I guess. It's letting go of whatever ideas I had about what I would do with some particular item, what it would mean, what it would say about me, what I envisioned my future to be when I acquired that item...or the husband who brought home the item

So to that end, we have arranged the little kitchen area (we never eat in it much anyway) to take photos:
I will not bore you with the multitude of books I will be trying to sell, many of which seem to have sprung from nowhere, but will highlight a few of the other hopefully departing items on this blog...stay tuned.

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