Sunday, November 29, 2009

Shirt Inspiration

These are images from two shirts I have recently ordered from shirtWOOT. Shirts from this site cost ten bucks, including shipping, and are created by various artists from all over who send in their designs. I think there is some kind of voting process as well, but I don't vote, I just check in once every twenty-four hours. If I stay up late, one of the last things I do at night is check the Woot shirt. Many are clever, but I gravitate toward a particular tone that I think both of these shirts capture. I'd call it Ironic+Poignant. Maybe. How would you describe it?
(artist's credit Boots)

(artist's credit Jewelwing)

I've yet to write for animation (or children's books), but both of these shirts make me want to do so. The adventures of a fish out of water... literally.

Maybe the time will come, right after I find my way through my current assignments, alien babies, incest-obsessed ghosts and invisible teens. My life is good.

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