Monday, February 08, 2010

Like A Sneeze Guard to the Soul

Day 11 of the sinus infection / cold thingy. Used tissues overflow from the wastebaskets in every room. When my head is clogged up like this, my emotions feel a little dull. Everything seems fuzzy around the edges. It's like a sneeze guard to my soul. I understand that the world still has crisp lines and vibrant colors, but I just can't quite experience it through the thick plastic.

For this reason I feel I am not quite appreciating a couple of nice things that happened over the weekend, but I completely recognize they are things that, once the sneeze guard is removed, will be entirely worthy of celebration.

1) Our landlord decided to only raise our rent a third of his original increase. This is excellent. The original increase was way too high, and this is reasonable, and saves me the trouble of trolling on Craigslist for a new place to live... and MOVING. In my dreams, we will not have to move for a very long time.

2) A woman I have asked for life-rights in order to write a screenplay has agreed. A happy occasion.

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