Thursday, May 13, 2010

Getting in Front of Judges

Judges 1: First Pitch Update: I did NOT send my script out within one week. I made changes, came very close, then sent the script to my thesis professor, who needed a couple of days to look it over, so raring at the bit, and nagging him at every opportunity, I waited. Last night I got the notes. There are a few, but I think they are do-able within a day. So I will do them and send it out today. Six different companies will receive it. Then maybe they will call...or maybe they won't.

Judges 2: Today I also have to go on an adventure--downtown, to the Metropolitan Courthouse. This is to notify them (since I didn't get around to sending a certified, registered letter) that I will be contesting the lame traffic ticket I received last month. They will apparently give me a court date, to come before a judge.

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