Friday, July 02, 2010

What's Going On...July 1, 2010

1) Just finished reading Flowers for Algernon. For the first time. The last few pages made me cry.

2) A co-worker at my Internship #2 self-comforts by playing kittenwar, a website where you look at pair after pair of kitten photos, and click on the photo that is the cutest. What is this thing called the internet? Where have I been?

3) I went to Home Depot today for my job/internship, and my heart was wrenched by the number of men at the parking lot gates, looking for work. The way they meet your eyes and motion to themselves as you drive in feels oddly similar to prostitutes on a corner. Not that I have a ton of experience with that, but still, somehow it's true.

4) Inside the Home Depot, my cashier carefully ripped a strip of paper towel, rolled it up and put it in her mouth. She explained her wisdom tooth hurt and she need to have it pulled, but she didn't have the money. She said something about how at Home Depot, if you had children you could get health insurance, but not if you didn't have children. It took me a minute to understand what she was saying, maybe because she had towel rolled up in her cheek. But even when I understood the words, it didn't make much sense.

Also, she asked for an ID when I gave her the credit card, which is not in my name because it's the corporate AMEX. I showed he my drivers license with a completely different name than the one on the card I was using. She looked at it, handed it back, and finished ringing up my order. It was like I'd used a Jedi mind trick. Or maybe she was distracted by her sore tooth.

5) My hair is very suddenly peppered with grays. I have to decide what to do now. Can I just dye over the grays. It seems a pain and kind of sad to start dying all my hair. Because then I'd pretty much have to do it forever, right? Or by the time I stopped, it would have really turned much more gray. So if I cover up the color of my hair now, is it the last time I will see it in my life?

6) Even though we live in a rented apartment, I also own an apartment that I rent. Our tenant of nine years moved out this month, and suddenly I am faced with needing to be a real landlord. Tomorrow I'm meeting a contractor to pick out some samples for paint and carpet. Dread hearing how much it could cost.

7) Told a friend I would call her friend who is struggling with cancer treatments. It took me a almost a month to do it...guilt. I didn't put it off, but the days have gone by so fast I didn't notice them. Days shouldn't go by that fast.

8) I have life rights for a woman I want to write a screenplay about. She wrote me for an update also a month ago, and I haven't written her back. I am putting it off. I don't know how to explain how fast the days are going by. So fast I might not be able to write anything before the option runs out. More guilt.

9) None of these feel like the blurb to end on, but it's late and I'm so sleepy, so this is the one.

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