Sunday, July 10, 2011


I've been gluttonously, without any self discipline whatsoever, re-reading The Hunger Games. Beyond the narrative, it makes me think of how we first-worlders, like the citizens of the Capitol in the book, are capable of cocooning ourselves in our own concerns, which of course are petty in the eyes of half the world. And it makes me think of people who are hungry, who live with hunger everyday.

Simultaneously (and I mean that literally, because I'm sometimes reading even as I tape receipts to pieces of paper), I'm processing an expense reports for one of our professors who spent much of the summer abroad. I have to go through the line items on every receipt, many of which are for restaurants. Here are some things that were ordered.

Prawn Cocktails
Pesto Rissoto
Crab Lobster Org (I don't know what the "Org" stands for, it's a receipt abbreviation)
Rabbit Ragu
Lamb Slow Cooked
Classic Brg.
Steak & Frites
Meat Plank
Beef Carpaccio
Duck Confit
Spcl Pork Cutlet
Shepherds Pie
Spcl Lamb Rump
Crispy Squid
Chicken Salad
Duck Breast
Prawn Chrz Pasta

Apple Galette
Ice Cream
Creme Brulee

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