Thursday, December 08, 2011

Eggies--The Birthday Post

Happy birthday to me...

Okay, to be honest, I'm a bit in the doldrums morale-wise, still getting over a cold, slammed at work, there's the taking account of one's life's accomplishments, etc--but let's leave all that aside for a moment and talk about my birthday present!

Some of you may know that I occasionally become obsessed with certain items of the "As-Seen-on-TV" variety. (SLANKET!)

This year I've had my eye on another product, and when I woke this morning, it was on the table waiting for me. (Thanks, Paul!)
You crack the egg, and put it in an egg shaped container, and boil it. Results: A hardboiled egg you don't have to peel.

Because I am naturally lazy, but try to be frugal, I often boil five or six eggs at the beginning of the week, and throw them in my bag for work. Although I will occasionally overcook and have to spend too much time peeling--that is not why the Eggie seduces me. I actually think the peel is convenient because a naked egg would need some kind of baggie or wrapper, which is sometimes beyond me.

No, for me, the appeal of the Eggie is that I have this idea that I can make a STUFFED hardboiled egg. Hardboiled egg with a piece of avocado inside! Hardboiled egg wrapped around cheese! I just want to see if I can. And Paul had another idea, what if you put the egg in the cup pre-scrambled? Like a marbled-egg! The possibilities are endless!

Does It Work Wednesday did a review that I have to say was not all that flattering, but, really, from the beginning it was prejudiced. Complaining that you have to break the plastic parts apart? That's not part of the everyday experience of the product... so I'm going to assume that criticism of the later steps in the process could also be biased.

Perhaps I should be swayed by the 119 one-star reviews on Amazon...but I'm determined to give Eggies a chance.

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  1. Fun video demo commentary in 2 parts:

    Part 1:

    Part 2:

    I myself have no expereince or bias, but I do think that the summation at the end is good.