Wednesday, March 14, 2012

I'm Still Here!

I don't know why I'm not writing much here--though I can guess. I have essay assignments due for both of my classes in the past couple of weeks, and now I'm working on this screenplay.

A few random things:

I think mercury just went into retrograde this week. My friends who are into astrology always say stuff messes up around this event--which will last for the next three weeks. So far nothing awful--though my car's a bit sluggish on the start in the mornings--worrisome!

Also, with the Daylight Savings shift, I am useless in the mornings, combined with the easy parking due to Spring Break at campus--I've miss/skipped the bus every morning this week, and driven instead. So far, so good, but for me, parking around campus can always go fingers crossed.

I would make Paul drive me instead, but his clock is more messed up than mine--he's been coming to bed at three and four, and is still snoring when I leave the house.

2012 Organizing: Well, I did pick out my clothes last night, but I think it might be time to invite the professional cleaners for a visit just to get us back on track again. There's a rumor I might be coming into a little extra cash from sources I can't yet discuss, so this makes me feel okay about this little splurge.

Okay--gotta go jump in my car for work. Have left no time to spare, so wish me good car repair and parking karma!

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  1. Julia2:04 PM

    Good car repair and parking karma to you!