Friday, November 23, 2012

Thanksgiving the end of a good day. 
So much to thankful for...but again, so tired.  Only have the energy to talk about one thing...and that shall be: Cranberry sauce.

Never really understood the appeal, but this year I made the cranberry components, and have to say, I am starting ot understand more what the fuss is about.

Last night I made a raw cranberry relish--cranberries, apple and orange each chopped in the food processor then mixed together, along with sugar.  It was fresh and light feeling.

This morning I made a cooked sauce--orange juice, maple syrup and cranberries, boiled and boiled.

Truthfully, I still didn't eat much at dinner--I know people like it with their turkey, but there's a lot of other food options happening...but the flavors are excellent.  I think I should just call hte cranberry sauce "compote" and put it on some pancakes.  That would be delicious.

That's all the I have the strength to say.

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