Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Would You Hate Me

If I moved this blog back to blogger?  Had website developing session with a friend the other day.  She recommended putting the "blog" for this website up front on the first page, to keep folks abreast of current projects etc.  She suggested that my more personal blog posts might be moved to a Tumblir account, because Tumblir is now the spot for the random, and the "authentic,".  At least that's what the kids are saying.

But something about moving the blog I've had since 2005 to Tumblir so people  will think it's authentic feels a little inauthentic.

And maybe so does having it linked to the site, because, although it is far from finished--the site is really about me as a writer.  It's not about me as a cancer veteran, or me as a neurotic packer of things, or failed wanna-be neat freak.  It's not about weird shit that I see and think about--it's not about being human--which to me, has always been the impulse behind this blog.  But it feels different next to these other website pages, and even though I vow to myself that I'll always be honest on my blog...I think I'm less likely to talk about a colonoscopy, refinancing my mortgage, selling the car, daily thoughts about writing suicide (not "real" suicide, just killing off the writer aspect of myself, in order to live a different life.

So anyway--that may happen soon.  I gotta watch some tutorials and see how to make it happen.

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