Thursday, October 03, 2013

In the Weeds With My Friend

"In the weeds," as any chef, or connoisseur of reality cooking show knows, is what cooks say when they are overwhelmed and behind in the kitchen. I'm a little in the weeds right now. I'm coordinating this kind of big event at work that will happen tomorrow. There's audio and video and a website, food and drinks and parking passes for three hundred guests, tight rehearsal schedules, and all the little things one needs to remember--bottled water and reserved signs and tape for the reserved signs and special adaptors for computers. To summarize a bit too late, there is a lot of mental and physical packing to be done...and if you know me, you know packing is one of my least favorite things to causes my friend, anxiety, to come knocking.

The other anxiety provoking thing is that I've got some negotiating and decision-making to do about something I've written. I don't have representation, so sometimes I have to put on that hat, and it's a hat with a stiffer brim than I generally wear. Kind of like a cowboy hat. Sometimes there's some verbal shoot-outs. It's not my favorite thing to do. So, I've been waking  in the mornings to find the anxiety in bed with me.

I will say that of late I have been appreciating my job a lot, for the fact that these kind of anxiety-inducing situations do NOT generally happen much. And in moments like this, caused by circumstances I know will pass, I appreciate it more.

Also, my second class started this week, so there's homework, I've promised to read some scripts--for my writing group and for a friend, and then there are those pesky scripts of my own I need to work on. These obligations are so common as to be only incidental on the anxiety meter, but do add significantly to the "in the weeds" factor. It means that once Friday is over, it will be a full weekend as well.

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