Saturday, February 01, 2014

Lovely and Amazing, Singles

I forgot, when writing my first "movies of 2014" post, that I had also watched Lovely and Amazing,  which is the second movie by writer-director Nicole Holocener, made in 2001 (her latest effort, is buzzing during this current awards season). The story (of Lovely and Amazing) revolves around a mother and her three daughters,  two adult, and one younger and adopted.  They are each kind of insecure and fucked up in different ways.  Each daughter has acquired some different aspect of the mother's insecurity and fucked-upness  integrated it into her own personality and functioning.  But everyone is likeable and you hope they can pull it together. It's a comedy.  Of sorts.
Lovely and Amazing is one of my friend Nikki's very favorite movies, and I had been trying to see it for a while, and while you'd think that since we have expensive cable, iTunes, Netflix-streaming, Hulu-Plus, and five library cards, it would not be difficult to do so.  In the end though, with a heavy heart, I added the lowest level of DVD rentals back onto my Netflix account.  Grrrrr.
But this is also how I also obtained another movie on my list:
Singles. This was a 1992 film by written and directed by Cameron Crowe about a group of 20-somethings and their quest for identity and love.  Most of them live in the same apartment complex in Seattle.  The movie was actually finished in early '91, but the studio didn't know how to market it until some of the  Seattle grunge bands featured in the film  became very popular nationally,  thus it was released in late '92. Some credit the film with kicking off a number of Generation X films soon after.  (All this information comes from the same Wikipedia page that I have linked to...I'm learning along with you!) You might know some of Cameron Crowe's other work, especially if you are close to my age--Say Anything with John Cusack in 1989,  Jerry Maguire, Almost Famous, and most recently, We Bought A Zoo, which I haven't seen.
The original title for this post was "2 movies, 2 books, 2 evenings." But I'm only a third of the way through, and it's time to leave for yoga. So look forward to an upcoming post about two books.  I might or might not get to the evenings.

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