Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Nothing Seems Fair Anymore

"Nothing Seems Fair Anymore."
This yesterday's Facebook status update of a friend from both college and LA.  He is funny, talented, goodhearted.
He has cancer.
Several months ago, he went into hospice, but has continued, on social media, to be the source of upbeat quotes, photos, and memes.
Most of our mutual friends have moved away, and we have not remained in touch directly, though we have made plans for a visit, it has been the LA kind of plan-- where you set a date, and one person has to cancel, and the other doesn't quite follow up, because:life, and so the plan fades away. I tell myself I don't know if his days are too filled or too empty, if I, after being absent for so long, would be a good use of his time and energy, when both are  in limited supply.  But think of him often. I think of him when I sit to meditate, which isn't often enough.  I think of him every time I scroll by one of his posts, and click "like."  And now, for awhile at least, when I think of him, I will think of these words, which went straight to my heart and have brought tears to my eyes, several times over the past couple of days.
Here's a video he and his wife made a decade or so ago.

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