Saturday, April 08, 2006

Anniversary with worms

Today was our five year anniversary, which I think is maybe traditionally about some material that isn't yet a precious metal, probably like paper or wood or turquoise...Wait, I'll google it...wood. Anyway, for us it was worms, as we travelled forty minutes southeast of Tallahassee to Sopchoppy--home of the sixth annual Worm Gruntin' Festival. Paul had the day off so we rode down with my friend Susie, her sister and three kids in her deluxe mom-van with the DVD player.

The festival was was pretty small, compared to say, the Covered Bridge Festival in my home state of Indiana. But truthfully, how many rows of handicrafts and fried food stalls do you really need after a certain point? Not much of the merchandise caught my eye, though the confederate flag cel phone holders were an exception to this. We got Paul a Worm Gruntin was our anniversary after all. In order to deserve it, he pounded a stake into the ground and pulled the grade-school principal size paddle made of iron back and forth across the top. This creates a "grunting" type noise and vibrates the earth around the stake which lures the worms up to the surface. Theoretically that is. No one seemed to be having much luck summoning the worms and neither were we, so eventually we gave up and went into the hall where they had looped an old documentary about Worm Gruntin. Apparently the best time of day is quite early in the morning, before the dew is gone. We were wooing the worms at high noon, so that was probably the problem.

Then we checked out the eatin'-- Paul ate the BBQ pork dinner from the Primitve Baptist Church tent while I had French Fries...Susie's kids Emma and Trevor (7 and 3) split some cotton candy as we watch the casting contest. Emma was hoping to stay for the hula hoop contest as well, but that was at 3pm, while by 1:30 and we were done for and it was starting to rain, so we headed for home.

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