Thursday, April 20, 2006

There's no place like home...

Yesterday everyone came home...well actually Mom arrived in Sarasota around midnight on Tuesday, but close enough. Wednesday mid-morning I hit the road, and even managed to make it back to Tallahassee for my evening Victorian Literature class, the last of the semester. Dad was discharged from the anyone who was planning to call there can now call him at home: 941-366-6140. He will get to loll about and take some good pain-killers for a week or so I suppose. I haven't heard what the first supper was after his post surgery fast. After my episode, I somehow remember having being mashed potatoes with garlic at the hospital.

So, as crises fades into memory, this blog will return to it's regularly scheduled programming...i.e. random thoughts and meanderings about ME, mostly at least.

I have a ten page essay on the topic of the personal essay due in a few days...I've started it about five times, at first comparing the essayist to a painter, then to a surgeon (guess where I was when I wrote that one?), a fiction writer, etc. On my morning walk this morning I started thinking of something a litlle lighter-hearted, which I am about to start on, new working title: 21st Century Girl Meets the Essay.

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