Monday, June 05, 2006

Kickin' it old school

This is the last post about our cars, but since the Metro got some attention I thought I should introduce our second new member of the family, an all black 1994 Volvo station wagon, already affectionally referred to as "the hearse." My friend's husband works at a local dealership and got us a great deal...the cost was equal or less to what we would likely spend on the engine work for the Taurus. Having grown up with wagons, this car feels like an old friend. It's big and boxy, but its center of gravity just feels right. I have a real sense of where it begins and ends, what's going to swing where when I back up or turn. It makes me happy to drive it. The combined effect of the two cars is that anytime I want to go somewhere, I can step outside, and there is a car to take me there. I always feel grateful!

Also I am inspired to figure out how to download pics from Paul's digital camera so I can update these posts with photos and share the joy...I know it's a little lame, but just pretend I'm gushing over cats, which is probably more socially acceptable. I think if they took a poll of the subject most recorded on people's phone-cameras that cats would rank very high. Maybe it's just because I'm in grad school, and only a few of my friends here have children, but nine out of ten times that someone flips open their phone and says "look at this," they are about to show me a picture of their cat.

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