Monday, July 17, 2006

Monday Morning Already?

My friend Amy K., from Los Angeles, was in Orlando this weekend and made the four hour drive to Tallahassee to come visit on Sunday afternoon. Yeah, Amy! As always, she was an invigorating bundle of energy, and as always, had a list of new interests she has been pursuing. Specifically, she brought a hoop to demonstrate and give us some hoop-dancing tips! After she drove away I was immediately bummed I hadn't thought to shoot some video to put on YouTube! There are some pictures of her teacher in Los Angeles though, at

Also, in the news, we seem to have sold our old car. Apparently this guy in Orlando has a Ford engine and needs a car body. We have the body, and no engine, to speak of. A match made in heaven! Craigs list rocks!

Last note: If you don't normally check out my links, my friend Jeff (also in Los Angeles) has had video blog style web-show since before they had the word blog. He does a couple of live performances once a year and donates the proceeds to charity. I tend to miss these shows for reasons of distance, but he's kind enough to post some excerpts on his site, Jeff at the House. They always crack me up, and this episode is no exception.

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