Saturday, August 19, 2006

Vacation Ending

My little vacation is coming to an end...butI've had a great time. In addition to my family and girlfriends, I have seen my friend Tom M and met his wife and their new baby. I've visited Jenny and Dennis at their new venture--an art gallery and yoga store, and seen my friends Troy and Rosie.

AND I've done some excellent back to school shopping--the most I've bought since returning from Australia! A department store here had a sale with 70% off their marked down racks, and I got three pants, two tops, 3 hoodie sweatshirts, a skirt and a couple pairs of earrings, all for under a hundred dollars--and I'm quite happy about the quality to boot.

Also today my mom and I toured the Clabber Girl Museum--the man who founded the company lived in Terre Haute. It's much more interesting than it sounds...really well designed and informative, and they sponsor cooking demonstrations on Saturdays, so that was fun...I have a few recipes I might try in the near future. Here's something I learned today: A pine nut actually comes from a pine cone! I never knew this.

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