Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Send in the Clowns

Pics from Paul's recent shoot...I mentioned it was about a clown, right?


  1. cute. Forgot to mention that Jane is still in the UK. Her mum's visa hasn't arrived hopefully soon.

    love Margaret

  2. Hey! Colleen and I checked out the clown pictures. Colleen says you look "cute."

    We decided that we should make a movie for fun, too. But we probably won't dress up like clowns.

    Have fun! Hugs and love, Troy and Colleen (Rosie's around here somewhere, too)

  3. Adorable! B- only you could wear a wedding dress and clown make-up and make it work!

    :-)) Gen

  4. Hi Colleen and Troy,
    I saw some beautiful Wonderwoman pics on Colleens website.

    I look forward to seeing your movie!