Monday, December 18, 2006

Big Day.

At high noon Paul and his producer, Safia, will appear before a panel of faculty to “pitch” his concept for a thesis film. Out of the twenty-five students in his program, only five will be awarded a final film with a budget of $30,000. The decisions are based on a number of criteria…quality of past films, peer reviews (regarding your reliability, leadership skills, artistic vision and ability to collaborate etc), how your film subject or genre fits into the “line-up” of other films that are chosen, and…your performance at the pitch itself.

So. It’s one hour until pitch time. If you happen to read this, send a little karma our way.

Pitches last all day today and tomorrow and the list will be posted on the bulletin board at the film school at midnight on Tuesday, like some kind of deranged episode of “Fame.”

I’ll let you know the outcome.


  1. hope it went well Margaret

  2. i'm a little late, but since they're probably still deciding (why else would they make you guys wait until midnight to find out?!) i'm sending loads of good karma your way! :)