Saturday, December 23, 2006

Coming Clean

Today, in between watching several episodes of Arrested Development, we did laundry and cleaned the house, which feels really good. For some reason, when I clean out of a depression, I often think of a scene from Men Don’t Leave, a movie which I don’t remember much as a whole, but there is a scene where Jessica Lange’s character has been depressed and in bed for days, and her son’s girlfriend comes over, cleans the whole house, and gets her out of bed. Tonight we went to see Jet Li’s Fearless at the dollar movie house, and as cheesy as it sounds, it was a really comforting movie to see, I enjoyed it a lot. In this movie as well, there is a scene, where after Jet Li’s character has hit bottom, a woman comes and washes his hair.

As a generally messy person, I am usually in a position where I have to maintain my equilibrium in spite of my external surroundings, but when things falls apart, it amazes me how cleaning a room, getting a haircut, having order in few physical things in one’s life, can help things start to make sense again.

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