Monday, December 11, 2006

Those were the days...

Every so often, though not too often, perhaps as I’m translating line 53 of 160 lines of Old English text, my inbox will “ping,” and I’ll get a letter like this.

Hi Paul
My husband just loves his gift last Xmas of PauleatsPerth
I have a question. My husband wants to go to a new restaurant in Perth for his birthday next month and I can't find it anywhere - wondering if you may be able to help.
It is M & M's or M'nM????????? Do you know of it? Is it good?
Thank you
Regards, Beth Klenner

Beth, the restaurant which you seek is called “Eminem,” which has nothing to do with the rapper. It’s Turkish, and the chef there won a “best new talent” award this year.

I am feeling nostalgic, and sad that 2007 is almost upon us, but there will be no PaulEats Perth 2007 edition. Putting that book together, especially the index, was incredibly tedious, grueling even, not unlike creating an Old English glossary. But at the end of that tedious grueling task, I had a book. When I get done with this, I’m not sure what I’ll have…but it won’t be a book.

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