Friday, January 19, 2007


Damnit Damnit fucking damnit.
I think today was the last day to pay tuition and fees. Not that the university ever warns you in anyway. you'd think with all the propaganda they send, they might, until you think of how much money they make by charging the $100 late fee.

So I hate the university, which charges me late fees, and even for my 7pm classes has no parking available around that building.

I hate Paul because everytime we have a fight in the morning, I forget something on that day's to do list, and usually by the time we're done, whatever it is we were fighting about, usually cleaning or doing tasks that will prevent us from losing money, doesn't get done anyway, so it seems pointless to bother.

I don't hate me of course, because it has nothing to do with my own utter disorganization and distractibility.

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  1. It can only get better.

    Love to you both