Saturday, March 31, 2007

3 Things on My Mind

It's Saturday and the clock is ticking. I have three very distinct things that all need to be accomplished by Sunday night, each of which could easily take all of hte time from now to then, and each requiring an entirely different mindset.

1) Clean house for house guest arriving Monday. I can't take the time to describe how bad it is. You just have to believe me.

2) Write an essay describing my teaching methods, philosophy, influences, concerns etc. I was happy to be nominated for an award recently, but the narrowing down proces is harrowing. This essay is the last component of a binder with five dividers and multiple pages that I put together yesterday.

3) Write a specialized kind of outline for my screenplay...actually one for each of the two main characters. This is the one I wish I could go lock myself in a hotel room all weekend and do.

Instead, I need to be a grown-up and learn to prioritize and budget my time.
And that's why I'm blogging!

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