Tuesday, May 08, 2007

loans, schmoans

Today I went through the tedious project of finding all the different records of my loans, the ones kept by FSU, the ones FSU submits to the government for my 1098 tax forms, and the total pricipal that Sallie Mae, the lending agency has on file. I added up to the best of my ability, and came up with three different numbers of amounts I could owe...a large number, a larger number and a number that was larger than that.

I was of course, hoping that perhaps the large number would be the goer, but after two hours with the nice man at the financial aid office, I am convinced that the largest number is correct.

So, I owe lots of money, but one the bright side, I have relocated or re-established five different sets of numbers and passwords for different accounts, and kind of remember where to find them.

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  1. I hate Sallie Mae. In about a week, I'm writing them a big fat check and never sending them money for my loan again. I'm still going to be paying it, just not to them. Thank God.