Sunday, September 02, 2007

Que sera, sera--but que sera?

So, while in Indiana, my sisters and I went to see a psychic in Indianapolis named Jennifer. I’ve seen her two other times in the last fifteen years, when finances, location and need have converged, and never cease to be amazed at how accurate she is (though not absolutely perfect in every instance). She tends to be really strong on where you are in your life and what's going on with various relationships in the present, etc...but she does also foray in the future a bit.

Keep reading this blog for the next decade and see if these things happen:

I have children—one maybe even two within the next two years...a girl then a boy.
I will go back to school around five years from now for undisclosed subject matter.
I do not get cancer.
We move houses sometime this year.
I write an unintentional book.

I think one of the reasons I am not a complete addict to hearing about my future is that it doesn’t usually help that much in a practical sense. For instance, I tried to pump her for information about the unintentional book, thinking maybe if I knew the subject matter I could start keeping notes, maybe sneak in a little research…but of course, this information wasn't available, which is probably for the best—because if I intend to write the book, it won’t be unintentional, will it?

The most interesting case of how clues the future don't always help was when I was younger (mid-twenties), Jennifer described to me someone I was going to meet who was going to be a be a fairly serious boyfriend. She described his height, his eyes, his hair, and a few personal details about his life. And when she got to his age she said she saw the number 6--like he was perhaps 26, although he seemed older...she wasn't sure, it was something I would find out when the time came. So for several months I had my eye on this guy who was twenty-six who was a little too tall for the description, but cute enough that I tried rationalize that and half-hoped...but nothing came of it. Meanwhile, I really started to like this other guy who I figured was not interested/out of my league. He was thirty-four...his age was printed in a magazine article I had read about him, people knew he was thirty-four. Then one day after we'd been together for a couple months he confessed that the buzz was inaccurate, and he was actually thirty-six! In that moment it didn't hit me. But sometime later, I remembered Jennifer's prediction, and lined up all her descriptions against the guy and realized it was him to a T. Had I known it was him and thought I had a chance to begin with I probably would have acted all nervous and freakish and never ended up with him at of those movie things where if you know the future then you do something different, you'll change it.

Still, now that the idea has been put in my head, I really want to write an unintentional book!

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  1. Just to be a goof, does the blog count as an unintentional book?