Saturday, December 22, 2007

Hittin' the Road, Jack

I'm loading up the car with about 14 loads of laundry and more books than I'd read here in 2 weeks to go see my parents for 4.5 days. I always have this irrational belief that away from home, time will somehow expand and I will accomplish all kinds of stuff that I know I should have done before I left. Bringing it with me is my psychological crutch so I can leave my house. When I get to my destination, experience tells me I will either forget about it or just decide it's not important--it will be easier when I get home.

No Paul for family Christmas this film runs smoothly--his editor got so sick her first day on the job that he had to drive her home, and now he's riding the AVID (editing system) himself--even though he's no jockey, so it makes for a slow ride--but strangely, editors who want to work for free during Christmas don't hang from trees like plentiful ornaments.

That was a weird paragraph. It's early (for me).

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