Saturday, January 05, 2008

An Epson 880c for Your Rabbit...

It is that time again, semester’s end, when –though not to the extent it will happen in May—many people are graduating and moving on. Around the ye old Alumni Village, the dumpsters are full, and items too nice or too plaintive to toss in a Hefty sac with the coffee grounds and ketchup containers are left scattered on the ground around the trash receptacles like refugee orphans hoping to be taken in. It’s so sad.

In the laundry room, someone had left a large sac of goods scattered across a folding counter with a piece us paper on which she had scrawled the word: FREE. Among them was this large stuffed rabbit, who I had no choice but to rescue, carry home and place in Paul’s TV watching chair, since he’s not going to be home much this month anyway.

Seeing so many refugee items so unceremoniously tossed has strengthened my resolve to try to part with our goods as thoughtfully as we can in this time we have remaining. In this spirit I have looked into the Epson recycling program for one of our printers. As I am about to pay the $10 (very reasonable as it included shipping), I am caught by the sudden thought: Maybe we should have tried to get it repaired. Keeping an item surely leaves less of a footprint than having it shredded (yes, according to the website they intend to shred our printer) and buying yet another one. I want to get a laser printer when we get to California anyway, but again, I could give or sell this one if it is working. Ahhh dilemma. So maybe I’ll call around and see if anyone does printer repairs, although my guess is in the end I’ll be sending it away. Which is good, because I need the shelf space for my new stuffed rabbit.

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