Monday, March 24, 2008


Today was the day when winners from the Keen Footwear competition were notified. Normally I do not wait with bated breath for such announcements, but in this case there was a little part of me that hoped for an email or a call--not because it was my best writing, far from it, but (to put it bluntly) I didn't see very many entries that were essays, and those seemed to be about eco-tourism etc--not bad, but not anything new or that people haven't heard about. Dynamic ride-sharing needs exposure if it has any chance to grow legs. I truly believe it's one of those things that could make the world better and LA more bearable. I will still try pitch my idea to LA Weekly and other publications when I get there, because I believe in it, but knowing it is destined to be an uphill battle, I wanted a morale booster, like a sign from above that I should continue.

I guess that's what we all want though, isn't it?

Instead I got a rejection from Florida Review and a parking ticket.

But, I also finally ate at the International Center for lunch, so found a source or good, cheap, Indian food, and I didn't wreck my car or suddenly feel any symptoms that could be I guess in the overall scheme of things, I'm doing okay.

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