Thursday, April 10, 2008

1)Rejection / 2)Acception

1) I thought this one was kind of is my first experience receiving a tiered form rejection. I do find it encouraging.

Dear Writer,
Thanks (handwritten)
Thank you for giving AGNI the opportunity to read your work. we found the writing lively and interesting and enjoyed reading it. After careful consideration, we've decided that this manuscript isn't right for us, but plean consider sending other work in the future. This is not our customary rejection slip.

Kind Regards, The Editors
Jim(maybe Jim, I'm not sure, handwritten)

2) I got an acceptance letter from USC for the screen-writing program today. I am happy, because it always feels better to be accepted than rejected, but it adds an element of anxiety, because I was actually pretty happy with the other program...Now I have some tough decisions to make.

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  1. congrats on the acceptance, b! :) that must be exciting! good luck with the decision.

    i'll be in florida in may... maybe we can hash through your options then. :)