Monday, April 14, 2008

Decisions decisions

This morning I looked up all the required courses for the first screenwriting semester and then pretended that was my daily schedule to see how it felt. It didn't quite work since two of them are not in the course schedule yet...but after that first wave of anxiety, I think it feels okay. A class in production basics--taught on video, would bring me up to date. A class on directing actors for film...that would be very cool... Some writing classes. I will say this...each course is NOT something I really know already, and yet it seems as if all the knowledge I do have touches on it. I wouldn't say that my whole life has been in preparation for an opportunity like this, but if one was going to prepare for such an opportunity, my life wouldn't be bad.

Still have to make sure I can pay for it, and am still feeling torn away from the other program...but I might be coming closer to a decision.

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