Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Everyday She Writes the Book

Not me...everyday I suffer and moan slowly and excruciatingly eeking out three more pages for the thesis. When I can't take it anymore I distract myself by thinking of hypothetical futures. I google things like "USC Screenwriting," to see if someone out there is going to say something that will rock my world and reveal what I should do with my life. Sometimes I google "USC TA positions" if someone might be having a public chat about my application and where it falls in the pile. It's all stuff and nonsense...every book about living in the present would agree. Have I mentioned the pulsating ball of anxiety that fills my chest cavity sporadically throughout the day when I start thinking too far ahead?

Sometimes instead of googling, I slide up and down my overburdened bookmarks bar to find this blog by a woman in Utah that I don't know. I don't even know how I found the blog the first time, but I remembered the name and went back a second time, and then I bookmarked it. She's a mom with a few kids, and seems to be a Mormon. These are things we don't have in common. But we are about the same age, and basically, I think she's hilarious, and today I decided that instead of looking her up every few weeks, I would just add her to my reader. And I thought I would share her with you, just to see what you think.

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