Monday, September 29, 2008

Just When You Thought I'd Never Write Again

I actually wrote a post this weekend, about a little bumper car incident Paul and i had last week-- but I thought I might offer it up for this other blog at my new internship. If they want it, I'll post a link...and if not, you'll see it here soon.

So...that whole bailout thing is some crazy shit, huh? Maybe they'll eventually approve it, it seems more likely than not, but what I have a hard time wrapping my head around all the sudden is this:

I'm poor. I live in a sweet apartment, in a sweet neighborhood. I eat sushi from Whole Foods for dinner and attend one of the most expensive universities in the country. And I am more than broke, I am in the hole. If you add Paul's hole to my hole, you will find us at the bottom of a chasm really. We are just riding on our loans, which we keep getting I guess because education means "prospects." We are living on our prospects and not much else.

And so is the rest of the country, from our fellow individuals to our major institutions.

Paul has mentioned in the recent past the fact that the last time gas prices went up--this was the early 70s--people actually stopped buying gas. His theory on why?
There were no credit cards.

Times have changed.

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  1. Credit cards are the devil, I swear. They really give you a false sense of security.