Saturday, October 11, 2008

The Universal Decision Maker

It's hard to believe it's almost time to register for my spring classes. Fortunately not quite yet, because last night I finally managed to access my status, and discovered I have about a dozen holds on registration. First, even though I accepted my invitation for the Screenwriting Program, and not the Professional Writing Program, for some reason I am on record as being part of the Professional Writing Program, with all kinds of prerequisites I haven't fulfilled for that program, probably because I've been working on a different degree.

I've also been informed that there is lack of proof that I have a bachelor's degree. I recall calling to confirm that all my transcripts had arrived--they were required for the application to be considered, or so they that should be some fun calls to make on Monday.

And I need to call the school's clinic, as record of my Measles vaccine seems to have disappeared.

Once I have all this squared away, I need to make some decisions.

At this juncture I can veer toward feature films, or episodic entertainment: one hour dramas or sitcoms. I can sign up for the required production class, or I can acknowledge what I am beginning to feel in my heart: that I have logged my on-set hours in decades past, and maybe I should just follow my bliss and go all writing, understanding that I may not finish the program. I'm not a natural rebel, but I might finally be getting to an age where I do believe I know myself, the life I've lived and it's possible I'm qualified to order off the menu, scholastically speaking.

Beyond such big life decisions, I have been plagued of late by even the small decisions: Be a P.A. on friends' web-i-sode, or stay home and write? Go to musical evening, or go hiking? Go to yoga or not? With the demise of the Magic-8-Ball (not to mention the ambiguity of some of it's answers) these choices have been difficult. But fortunately, I have now found a solution: The Universal Decision Maker.

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