Saturday, November 01, 2008

What's up?

I'm falling behind on my unofficial once a week blog post schedule. Also, way behind on my Li'l Greenpatch returns (I've accumulated about 40 I believe) on Facebook, and have only played on game of Scramble since moving into our house two months that gives you some idea of how truly full my schedule must be!

So what's the hap? Mid-terms, writing assignments, various, usually film-related, extracurricular activities. Last weekend was the Hollywood Film Festival, which I attended on a few nights with our new roomie Max. He had a film in the fest which he directed and co-wrote with Paul, so I would say THEY had a film in the festival, except that per some not atypical political shenanigans at the FSU Film School, Paul's name was removed from the credits under duress in the final days of post production and no one can explain exactly why--or how that could possible happen. Even writing about it makes my blood boil. It's sad, because Paul learned a lot about production the school, and even now with some USC classes under my belt, I can honestly say my best writing class so far was there...and yet the first lesson that comes to mind from our experience is the importance of having a good lawyer. That's not how I want to think, and I don't want to be bitter...but there you have it.

Breathe...think of white light...

What else? I sent my absentee ballot in this week. I'm writing a short screenplay with a retired zookeeper, a taxidermist who's going blind, and a dying giraffe. The idea's not mine, we came up with it in class. It could have been a comedy, but for some reason it's coming out more sad, I was crying last night as I wrote. We need to buy kleenex--my nose hurts from blowing it on cheap toilet paper and paper towels.

I got to see Alexander Payne do a Q and A the other night.

Saw a Swedish movie today called Let the Right One In, which I recommend...Their press says it's playing at the Miracle in Tallahassee in December.

Paul's at a poker game tonight but sadly I can't go because I haven't done my five pages yet. Someone told me the other day that one writer they talked to said that he writes five pages a day, and then he's done, whether it takes one hour or ten. I think in general, if keep my nose to the grindstone and don't check my email too many times, five pages roughly translates to five hours. But it's hard to tell really, because I so rarely do sit for that amount of time without getting distracted, paying a bill, doing some research, making a phone call, making some food.

But I think a five page average could be enough to keep me caught up with most of my endeavors, so I'm trying to do that.

And thus at 8:03 pm, I take my leave of you...three pages to go. I could be done before 11pm.

But maybe I should warm up that eggplant...

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