Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Coming Back Soon!

You might be thinking that this blog is slowly fading away. It is not! Vacation is coming, and I will be posting twice a week--at least for the rest of December into January. So hang onto your hats!

In the meantime...

If you've got thirty seconds (which you must if you're reading this blog) it would really help Paul (us) out if you could take a gander at these short spots for Benjamin Franklin, "the punctual plumber!"

Some of you might recognize my sister and her two kids in the starring roles--and if you're really good, you might recognize my brother Greg's inimitable musical stylings.

Speaking of which--if you have an opinion as which music you prefer--please shout back. We've got folks on both sides of the fence around here!

Should load fast, no voting, work-safe content...all views counted by December 17, so before then is best!



Thanks for your time and support and I look forward to seeing you in a week. My first post back will be about my new obsession with Slankets!

1 comment:

  1. I think the chopsticks version would be better for a tv spot because it's something that sticks in your brain.