Saturday, December 27, 2008

Things I'm Obsessed With:

During the recent illness of my friend/employer, she couldn't move around much and found it difficult to concentrate on reading, so we spent much of our time watching television. This was a treat for me, as I don't often watch television. Because she wasn't feeling well, she preferred easy-to-digest shows such as cooking shows, procedurals like CSI or Law and Order, and game shows, specifically Who Wants to Be a Millionaire, and Jeopardy. Usually she recorded these on her Tivo, and forwarded through the commercials, but one night, for some reason, this didn't happen and I was exposed to an advertisement for the Snuggie. It was a blanket with big sleeves, so you could play on your laptop without getting all twisted up. I got home to our freezing house, and looked it up. On the cusp of being sold on the Snuggie I looked up reviews and that's when I found that people calling it the poor cousin of the Slanket.

Flipping back and forth between websites, I noticed that the Slanket was forthright about its measurements: 60"x 95", whereas the Snuggie was coy, refusing to reveal more than "very large." More research indicated the Snuggie was 60"x 65".

At first I told myself it was a little ridiculous. I didn't need a Slanket. But the thought wouldn't leave me. I started to show pictures of the Slanket to friends who came to the house. I found myself bringing it up in conversations. Finally I decided to take the plunge and order a Slanket.

Sadly, the Slanket seems to be on back order everywhere, including the main website. Amazon has a few, but the prices are well above market, starting at $99. The best price is about $30 at QVC, but there is a waiting list and a shipping charge. I finally chose the moss green version from, which will hopefully ship December 26.

Will the Slanket be all that I dream? How could anything be? This is what happens when you don't watch television. My resistance to suggestion has been reduced to nil, and despite my best efforts, I look forward to the arrival of this product on my doorstep as life changing. I'll keep you posted!

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  1. Hey B -

    Inspired by your post, I also wanted one of these - but more like one my friend had made out of floofy bedspread material. Anyhow, I went in search of it, and couldn't find any online like the one I had seen, but did come across this:

    I made one for myself, and it was pretty easy. So if you at all handy with a needle and thread, its something to consider - I posted the finished product on my blog if you want to see it :o)