Saturday, March 07, 2009

Before I Get to Work

I'm feeling good about the potential of today. The weather is nice, and I just went for a lovely walk with our current house guest, Eric. I had a vague plan that we would walk to the LA County Museum of Art, and use (for the first time since I bought it) my annual pass to go in a wander around a bit, but they don't open the galleries until 11am, so instead we spent and hour looking at all the interesting architecture in our neighborhood.

Now I am home, and hopeful that I could be really productive. My plan is to work on my feature script, then my scholarship essay. USC has a variety of scholarships you can get in your second year. The application is due on Friday. I just looked at it closely last night and realized there was an essay--a detail that I somehow hadn't noticed at, an essay.

I also have a few other things I should look at, but I don't want throw to many of my ambitions out there yet.

But before I launch into the awesome productiveness that today could be, I thought I would share with you the shirt I just bought from for Paul. It will probably arrive in time for our anniversary on April 8, although I guess it's not too romantic.

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