Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Blog Housekeeping

Over the past couple of years, a few people have noted having trouble adding my blog to their RSS feeders. I have recently updated the template for this blog. It is kind of ugly, but it allowed me to add this "Subscribe To" window that is currently in the right-hand sidebar. If you are someone who has been unable to subscribe in the past, try clicking on that and let me know how it goes!

There is also, by default, a window that says, "Follow Me." I have no idea what this does. I think I can remove the whole thing, but thought I would leave it there for awhile and see what happens. What happens if you follow me? The only following I understand is Twitter. Do my 500 word posts download to your twitter account? What happens if I follow myself? Will it allow me to chase my own tail?

Technology. It moves on.

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