Sunday, June 28, 2009

Who Am I?

Frequent house guest and good friend D left this past week for Japan, leaving behind a space in our hearts, a small box of books, and extra suitcase and his camelback. He
also sold us his '95 Toyota Camry, making us once again a two car family--woo hoo!

Waiting in line at the DMV anyway to transfer the title, I decided the time had come to finally trade my Florida driver's license in for a California license. I had BOTH my passport and my birth certificate, so I felt pretty confident I could make this happen.

But apparently things have changed since the last time I got a California Driver's license--in the name of Barrington Smith. Because of concerns about identity theft, the none-to-helpful representative at the counter told me, when I reached her after an hour and a half, my license must EXACTLY match what is printed on my passport/birth certificate.

Some of you may know that my full given name was actually Susan Jean Barrington Smith. Then I got married, so make that Smith-Seetachitt. For over twenty years, I have used my middle name, Barrington, to conduct business. It is the name that is on my bank accounts, loan agreements, insurance documents, time cards, W-2 forms, and my social security card. Oh, and my current Florida driver's license. I pulled it out along with my social security card, and showed the representative. She was not impressed.

"Without a court ordered name change document, I can only put the exact name that appears on the passport."
"Okay, fine, if you want to put five names on that little card, go ahead. I've no idea how I'll airline reservations, but I'll figure it out."
"No, I can't, because the name has to match your social security card, so you need to get your social security card changed first."


In two countries and three states I've used my middle name with no problem...until now.

Apparently, to obtain a court ordered name change, I need to make a public notice in the newspaper for four weeks first, and then go to court. REALLY?! I don't even want to CHANGE my name. I just want to choose how to use the one I have!

I feel like my identity is being stolen--and not by identity thieves!!


  1. ohhh my old car of 16 years is a 1992 toyota camry named Tanto that craig now drives...

  2. Oh man, that is annoying! And I thought it was a pain just changing my name upon marriage!

  3. Is this another rule to stop terrorists?

  4. I'm bored at work and reading people I know's blogs.

    Anyway, I am a hyphenate, but I have only used my father's name for the last 18 years of life. When I went to do the switch, they told me that I couldn't get a reciprocal license because the names didn't match, so I would have to start from scratch with the drivers test and all, but I probably shouldn't do that, because then I would be driving a car (as a hyphenate) that my non-hyphenate self owns.

    All said with a straight face.

    Did you ever get it straight? My birth certificate was the only thing with both names on it, but it took me getting my passport out to make it really happen...because the passport only has my father's name on it for some reason.

    Oh, Cali DMV...