Tuesday, August 18, 2009

In The News

Michael Vick...He's this football player who was convicted of running a dog-fighting ring. He just got out of jail and was recruited by the Philadelphia Eagles (I think). Some people are incensed by this, others say hey, if he can play ball...

In other news...Since I don't know anything about football, I'm joining my first fantasy football. I know so little, that I've asked my brother-in-law to mentor me so I don't completely annoy the rest of my league...

Health care...lots of talking and arguing about Obama's health plan. On facebook, a few of my friends are up in arms about this editorial written by the CEO of Wholefoods, and are planning not to shop there anymore. Maybe this is one more thing I haven't done enough research yet to understand fully, because when I read it, his ideas seem to make sense, and don't seem so much at odds with the things Obama is saying he wants as well...I'm not planning a boycott yet.

Trueblood...It's not in the mainstream news, but in the "industry" news, it has taken the summer by storm, garnering 11.3 million viewers per episode. And that's not counting people like me, who watch it on questionably legal sites on the internet...Like so many TV shows, Paul has brought this into my life. I have very ambivalent feelings about the show, which I think is probably BAD on so many levels, and it leaves me feeling vaguely oogie and void after watching...like eating too many sugary donuts.

If this post seems kind of superficial and lacking in consideration--it's because I'm writing it while watching Trueblood.

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