Sunday, September 20, 2009

I Think Maybe it's Because We're in L.A....

*The billboards suddenly know what day it is. They say "Glee...TONIGHT," then change to say "House...TOMORROW." It's a good idea, I like to watch Glee, but I don't remember what night it's on. Fortunately Paul does, and he sets our Tivo like device to record. But if he didn't, it is quite possible that I would be an excellent advertising target for this kind of timed information. It's better to say "TONIGHT" than, "Thursdays at 8" because truthfully, by the time I'm coming home from school or work, I'm no longer thinking about what day it is. But still, the fact that the billboard IS thinking about it--is kind of creepy.

*My handyman's career aspiration and hobby is crime scene photography. Like paparazzi for crime scenes. He tells me this in his rapid-fire, maybe-I'm-on-coke way as I help him load his van that has a ladder on top and tools inside--along with two video camera's he's just added so he can take video as well as stills.

"Like that police shoot out last year, on Fairfax and Olympic? Remember, they shut down the intersection practically all day? I have probably a hundred pictures, of the bodies, of the detectives bagging evidence..."

"I zip around the scene on my roller blades, that's like my thing, my signature. The cops don't like me much, because I get lots of shots of them, but they can't stop me. It's all legal."

"I've been doing it for five years now. I'm sitting on about 50 thousand photographs. But I haven't sold any yet. I keep sending them to the L.A. Times, but nothing yet. I got lots of pictures of that fire on Pico the other day though, my friend who's an attorney said, if it goes to court, someone's gonna want to buy those pictures. I said,'Well, they're for sale.'"

I look at him, his Wolverine-style salt and pepper hair and total enthusiasm for this subject matter...

"You figure one of these days, something's going to hit."

...and think about what people think about this pushing-forty chick with no job, ever-growing loans and the idea that someday she's going to sell some piece of writing that is going to make it all work out.

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