Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Special Reader Opportunity

Yeah, okay. It's not really an opportunity so much as a favor to me.
Colorado Review just sent me my essay "Luck, Statistics, Magic," all laid out as it will appear in their upcoming issue. Exciting! They want me to look it over and send it back with any changes by Sept. 20. It looks pretty good to me, however, I am so familiar with it at this point, that I am not the best person to check for errors, inconsistencies, or formatting related confusion.
I thought perhaps one of my spelling and grammar inclined readers (preferably someone who has not read it before) wouldn't mind reading it would be like reading a 12-page blog post.

You can email me directly if you have my address, or leave a comment with your details (I won't publish the post, so it won't show up on the blog).

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