Friday, November 19, 2010

Amazon Studios Day 4--A Quick Update

We've just passed 750 entries. I note that the entry that had boasted 2500 downloads has somehow had 2000 downloads "deducted." It's now gaining downloads at a pace more in keeping with the other frontrunners of the group.

I have garnered four more reviews. One is a five star review from someone named Robert! This might or might not be a Robert I know--I know a few, and don't know many others. Has he read my script? I have to be honest, it seems doubtful. Was it "helpful?" The "number of five-star reviews" line on my display now shows a five star review, so in that way, yes!

I have also received three other quite thoughtful and articulate reviews from both a stranger and two friends who have taken the task quite seriously. I do think these are the kinds of reviews that could accumulate and comprise notes for another draft.

So the combination is gratifying. Any script in development probably has both kinds of advocates--the cheerleader (agent, manager, producer) who puts on a completely positive face to the world, and the person (agent, manager, producer) who pushes for improvements with the writer. What is a little socially awkward in this case is that both the writer and potential buyer are the audience as well as the other crowd members. It's like if a friend was setting you up on a date--and you were on the line while the friend told the guy how perfect and great you are--but then the potential suitor was on the line listening to the friend giving you advice about plucking your chin hairs and playing down your childhood crush on Mr. Spock.

But, in life, I like to flatter myself that I am someone who dislikes too much song and dance and prefers transparency. So in a way, maybe that is being put to the test.

Other changes...sorting by "popularity" no longer displays in order of downloads, which is confusing. What is it sorting by? The same with "total hits." This also seems to be a somewhat random order, maybe because they have a record of page views, but it's not published?

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