Sunday, November 07, 2010

Just a Sunday Afternoon

I think I've made an unconscious but very deliberate decision to blow off most of the things I should be doing today. Things like looking high and low for a lost paycheck (I'll probably still do that), gathering and copying a dozen different documents required for a loan application to refinance my little condo (maybe I'll try to do one or two today) and writing (this is as close as I'm going to get.) Strangely, once I've decided what I'm NOT going to to--primarily write-- the day feels much longer than it usually does. it's kind of nice. I've spend much of it puttering around, trying to figure out how to do a few things to this blog. Notice how I've added a new drop down menu for the chronological archives, and a new "by topic" archive as well, although going back and tagging all my old posts is going to be an ongoing project. I've also updated my links so they all work again, and updated my roster of "Other Blogs."

The day has also been made longer by the fact that I'm not going to work out today. Just not. I actually have a bit of a sore two which is more of a drag than you might think. It's weird how damage to such a small part of your body can be so incapacitating.

Soon I'm going to return some clothes to Loehmann's with my friend Christine--In a last minute flurry, I bought four possible shirts for my reading a couple weeks ago, and chose one--I don't need the others. I've heard that buying things gives you a little rush of endorphins, maybe like eating. I might be a little bit of a shopping bulimic. I like that rush of buying something, but afterwards, I'm usually happy enough to take it back.

Mostly I'm trying not to be stressed out by a business decision I need to make this week regarding one of my scripts. It's something that is very secret apparently, so I'm not allowed to discuss it with anyone "not even your significant other." So I won't say anything revealing here, except to say that no one is buying it or making a movie out of it next week or anything. It's just something that could be a good opportunity, or could one of those things that could also go wrong in so many ways. If I choose to do it, I have to take it out of the running--so much as it is in the running--with the people who have expressed interest in it--who are few and informal, but who have been generous with their time and their notes, and whom I really appreciate. The fact that I'm not supposed to talk about it is hard for me. There are good and logical reasons why, but it means I have to make a decision in a vacuum, without much advice--and whenever people want me to do things and not tell anyone, it just feels shady. I mean, have you ever watched a movie where someone wants the protagonist to do something, but not tell anyone, where the surrounding circumstances weren't shady? I mean except for ransom and spy scenarios--and really, those are still shady, it's just that they have good reasons. So anyway, in a couple of weeks I'll fill you in on that.

Tomorrow morning, I go to observe classes at the California International University, where I am going to be on the substitute roster to teach ESL (English as a Second Language.)

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