Wednesday, December 01, 2010

Why I Don't Want to Be Your Facebook Friend

This post appears here because it is 448 characters too long to be a status post on Facebook.

Freemuse World Forum wants to be my friend. While I am totally pro "free musical expression," I do not want to be their "friend." I would happily be their "fan."

Is it too rigid in this day and age to want to limit my "friends" to actual people? Is it cynical to think that an organization, a book, a pen name, or a mascot invented to promote an album does not really possess the ability to be my friend--even in the FB sense of the word, and is really just a ploy to gather my support in spreading awareness of said entity's existence?
Which-I am happy to do. I will happily "like" you, if you are a good cause, or one affiliated to a family member or acquaintance. I will "fan" you. If you show up on a status, invite or note auspiced by similar family member or acquaintance, I may well vote for you, watch your video or in some other way lend my support. But if you are not an individual (preferably human though I could see making rare exceptions for particular canines, or possibly one of those elephants who paints and can go on FB using a computer with very overlarge keys) who exists in the physical world, I do not want to be your "friend."

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  1. It is incredible that there are so many businesses and non-profits that still don't understand this. Of course, some of them started fake "friend" profiles as a solution before Facebook came out with professional pages.

    According to the Facebook TOS only real people (over 13) can have profiles, so those marketing platforms are in serious danger of losing all of their so-called "friends."