Thursday, January 06, 2011

What I Would Do With One Million Dollars (in L.A.):

To follow up on the recent lottery furor. There have been a lot of conversations that start, "What will you do if you win $_____?
I used to say I would invest it and live off the interest. Now, I'm pretty sure I would spend it all immediately.

1) Pay off our student loans.
2) Pay down my in-laws house so they wouldn't have to go back to Thailand when my father-in-law retires.
3) Buy/rent my mom a small apartment in Los Angeles so she could visit more often.

That's it. It's gone. You might notice that I only pay down my in-laws house, and don't pay it off, and I leave open renting vs. buying for my mom. That's because one million dollars, after taxes wouldn't cover all three things.

However, back at square one, I would use my newly freed up income from other sources to make contributions to:

Wikipedia--I love Wikipedia
Public Radio--I so love public radio
That doctor I read about who travels around operating on the women with fistulas who get banished from their villages.
Some organization like Smile Train (the topic of a previous blog post), but maybe not specifically them, as I have been reading that their money hasn't been going exactly where they imply it is.

What would you do with a million dollars?


  1. A MILLION bucks?

    I'd setup a trust to help discover talented actors, writers, shooters, make movies with them, etc.

    Yeah, the entire million bucks. I don't need anymore than what I already have.


  2. I would buy the big ranch estates I have always wanted & open the Shanon's Pet Sitting Sanctuary! I've always wanted a large piece of land to have a large amount do of furry friends on.

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